Selling a Business

Selling a Business. Man & Woman discussing 430 x 287Selling a business is a serious undertaking.

Things can and often do go wrong if you are inexperienced in the selling process.

WhatPriceMyBusiness Pty Ltd is here to help you throughout the selling process and it’s our job to take away as much of the stress and potential pitfalls for you as possible.

When it comes to selling businesses, there are simply no substitutions for experience, qualification, reputation and a successful PROVEN TRACK RECORD.

We’ve been helping business owners sell businesses since 2008 so we have had quite a few years to fine tune and get it right.

Perhaps there are other firms out there that take on hundreds of listings but we at WhatPriceMyBusiness Pty Ltd find it hard, if not impossible to comprehend how they can provide superior service and the focus required to MAXIMISE potential results for the Seller.

We understand that there are many considerations need addressing when preparing YOUR business for sale and WE CAN HELP WITH THAT.

Some of those considerations may include;
•    Determining a sale price of your business.
•    Timeframe.
•    Privacy and confidentiality.
•    How much you actually receive from the sale of the business after all costs.
•    Discretion, whether or not to let staff know your business is on the market.
•    Whether or not to let your customers and/or competition know your business is on the market.
•    Regular communication and how often we communicate.
•    There are many reasons why people sell their businesses.  Sometimes it’s for retirement, health, divorce, partnership split ups, tax debts, burnout, tired of working in the industry, moving interstate or overseas, perhaps start a family or would simply like to spend more TIME with the family

It’s in our interest to Sell Your Business. It’s how we get paid.

It takes Dedication and Focus to Sell your Business in a timely and cost effective manner while at the same time protecting, educating, and maximizing results for YOU the Business Owner.

When we take on a business to sell, you can be absolutely certain that WE INTEND TO SELL IT. We can be contacted on 0412 179 306

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